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First Steps of our Story.

This project wouldn’t be possible without a great, talented team that devotes their time and abilities to bring to life the stories that will create awareness and bring people together. Fernando Velez and Waiyen Wong are Latino, and we are proud to have a Latin staff who are determined to make this series known around the globe.

Our Vission

We aim to provide to the LGBTQ community our rightly-deserved representation in the comic book industry. With high-quality pages and attention to detail, our artists provide the highest quality out there for our LGBTQ comic book. Available in different languages and on different digital platforms, we intend to be accessible from anywhere in the world - and from any culture in the world, too. We focus on inclusivity and create awareness. At Kraven Comics, we believe anyone can be a Hero.

Our Mission

As we move forward toward our goal of being the icon of LGBTQ comic books, we want to influence communities to stand proud, to stand for who they are, and to stand for love. We want to invest in organizations that work closely with the issues we highlight in our stories.

A few years ago, Fernando Velez was thinking about heroes - more specifically, how Kraven Magazine, his online gay lifestyle and culture publication, could be heroic. One of his writers submitted a story about the misrepresentation and lack of representation of the LGBTQ community in the comic book world. Fernando started thinking what could he do to change this misrepresentation. It was time to represent gay life in comics that would be interesting and authentic from those within the LGBTQ community and not from a corporation looking to move product. This led Fernando to create six hero characters, representing the breadth of the LGBTQ community and sub-community. This is when Fernando founded Kraven Comics, a company that creates stories of LGBTQ heroes who represent us, how we feel, and how we see things for the future.

With our stories and reach we aim to unify our community; to be inclusive. But also our comic books, characters and stories are universal. They are about humankind and about how we defend love from hate in every single aspect. Our stories highlight social justice, political issues, racism, women and children rights, wealth inequality, government abuse of civilians, and many more issues that affect us all. We are not just a gay comic book, we are part of a humans rights movement.



She recently joined Kraven Comics and with her amazing talent, she completed this perfect team. Her dedication and passion for this project had made possible the perfection of our staff. Marifer like everyone in the team not only does her part of the job, but also joins the rest of the team to brainstorm about how to make this even better.



Pedro is the one to make the base color setting up the first tone for the pages of Kraven Comics. Shy and quiet, he also contributed his opinion to the team of

Kraven Comics.



John positive energy, talent and dedication have brought a new flame into the team of the amazing artists who bring to life the pages of Class6.  His artistic mind and his ability to communicate is one of the many reasons why he belongs to the Kraven Comics Family.



Learning about our community has been a fun adventure for Doris, falling in love with our heroes.  Doris lives and breathes each of our hero characters. She brings to life each of the characters and even though she is straight, she feels like she is part of our community, connected with how we feel, with our movement.



Our newest member at Kraven Comics, she is driven to learn every sense of our stories and characters. Being an artist is not the only one way Claudia contributes to our vision; she has also been active by sharing her opinion on how our stories can be told in a better way.



Elizabeth started with Geomar at the same time, and like him, has already proven to be a Kraven member who integrated to the team so quickly that the first day she was already giving strong opinions on how to make Kraven Comics even better. It’s because of the Kraven family members working together and their collective collaboration that our comic book will thrive.



Daniel is the person who has the importance of giving color to our episodes. He colors with the highest of quality to ensure the hard work of the other artists come to completion as perfect as we visualized. His personality and desire to learn every minute show with the quality of his work.




Geomar, just like Elizabeth, is one of the latest artists to join the Kraven family. Passionate enough to work till 1 am - even though he knows he knows he needs to rest! -  his dedication and devotion to this project you can see every day as he is not afraid to speak up about his opinion, all with the interest of making Kraven Comics as perfect as it can be.



Beside of taking part on the brand creation and support. He is always learning new things that can help improve Kraven Comics by assuming with no fear every challenge he gets, taking part on the comic creative process he manages to make the final step before every release to the public by adding the lettering and organizing the pages.



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We are more than just a comic book company. We are a company fighting for gay rights in an artistic way. We are sharing our stories and showing our different phases of life while helping our community in many ways as possible.

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