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With our first issue of Kraven Comics, we introduce our transgender character Neveah, who faces discrimination at an early age. Her parents throw her out onto the street for being transgender, which changes her life forever. Fortunately, a scientist finds and adopts her. He helps her live the dream of becoming who she wants to be with a gender change.


But happiness doesn’t last long when her now, father, whom she loves dearly, is taken away from her. She begins a life hiding and struggling from whom she really is. Over time, she builds her strength to face her enemies and begins a life of purpose and sacrifice to help the LGBTQ victims of President Putin of Russia.


In this first issue, we begin our hero's journey to fight for gay rights and defend the LGBTQ community to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, autonomy and freedom from the powerful evil people who are trying to take it away.


Follow this and future episodes of Kraven Comics to find out how our heroes find the truth and unite us to face the world.

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We are more than just a comic book company. We are a company fighting for gay rights in an artistic way. We are sharing our stories and showing our different phases of life while helping our community in many ways as possible.

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