The Universe. How did everything start? Who came here first? Are we alone?  Where did our human ancestors come from? What's the reason for our existence?


Planet Earth, Year CE 2016. Our history has been written for us. We have been programmed to follow the agenda of those people who know the truth. These beings managed to keep us in the dark, letting us fight amongst ourselves so they could get away with their plans. We had become comfortable with little or no desire to challenge or improve our minds or each other. We turned against one another, finding difference rather than similarities - all part of the plan of those who wanted to keep us subjugated. We became intellectually incurious, stuck in our ruts, combative with those who didn't share the way we see things. We prioritized individual competition rather than working together for common solutions to shared problems. We used our resources frivolously and intemperately like we didn’t care what tomorrow would be like for those who followed - because we forgot that there would be those who would follow us. Love was used as a weapon to hurt rather than as a medicine to heal. We forgot the ocean; we forgot how our existence started, but we truly know how to step on someone else’s soul to achieve our greater sense of vanity. Advances happened, in some places and by some people; some do their best to do good.  But there is a war between good and evil, one that seems destined to never end until both sides are forever extinguished.


This is the world and this is how things are in the world - but things are about to change.  All because six people are about to cross paths. Their energy will become one and the world we thought we knew will reveal its real colors. And then each of us must choose if we will continue with the status quo, in our hate - or if we will learn to love one another, in order for us all to survive.


These are the heroes of Class6






Being a transgender child is a very hard situation. Many are thrown out of their homes, pushed to be homeless, and Neveah is not the exception to this. Neveah was thrown out on the streets where she suffered, causing her to try and kill herself. Dr. Smith was driving by when he saw Neveah on the floor, bleeding. He stopped and took her in and became the father Neveah never had. He loved her so much that he developed an experiment to help her achieve the body she was meant to have. He gave her a sex change surgery using a revolutionary stem cell procedure. But for some of Dr. Smith’s colleges, especially his boss Dr. Tihon, believed that it was a threat to God by changing something God created.


When Neveah was almost done with the sex change surgery, Dr. Tihon entered and took away Dr. Smith and quickly applied a procedure to reverse the sex change. Both of these procedures had an effect on Neveah. Her stem cells became unbalanced, giving her the ability to copy other body stem cells and transform them into another body. She escaped from Dr. Tihon’s laboratory and lived as a lawyer, hiding her real body and defending gay rights in the US.


Dr. Tihon tried many times to find her, but with Neveah living in another’s body, it made it hard for Dr. Tihon to find her. Finally, Neveah was free and she knew that being a lawyer Dr. Tihon wouldn't find her. A year passed, she had a wife, and she enjoyed winning cases for the LGBT community. But one day while coming out of the courthouse after a big case about transgender kids she got shot. In the hospital, she was recuperating when her wife came to take her away, worrying the killer might return to kill Neveah. The killer did appear to try and kill Neveah, but her wife got in the middle and took a bullet and died to save Neveah’s life. The killer was never captured and Neveah lost the only thing she had.


Now Neveah is no longer going to hide and she is determined to stop her enemy. She is going to face him and find out what happened to her father. But Neveah is faced with a difficult choice; either to get her revenge or to help LGBTQ hostages being held by Dr. Tihon who wants to run experiments on them with a cure for homosexuality. Her choice will forever change her life.


Nami was born with a deadly disease and his father, Kuo, a tech company worker, developed a nanotechnology that killed the virus every time it tried to return. What he did not know was that the nanotechnology started to spread and multiply within Nami's body and gave him the ability to control technology.  One day, Nami’s father lost his job and became afraid of how he would take care of his family. He decided to use Nami’s abilities to start an underground business of stealing information from big corporations, governments and sell the valuable information.


Nami grew to do wrong with his abilities and his parents ended up creating one of the largest tech companies in the world. Nami as a teenager fell in love with a guy from a poor village in Hong Kong. His family disapproves, which caused him to run away with his boyfriend. But this plan was never executed as Nami’s father ordered to have his son’s boyfriend killed. This incident perpetrated by Kuo triggered Nami’s actions, which led to destroying their family empire and put his parents under an electric jail dome and forced them to live like poor people.


Nami, now using his abilities, steals money from greedy and evil corporations to provide help to the communities that the companies directly affected. But one of the richest families in the world, whom Nami has stolen a lot of their fortune, wants to bring an end to it. They set a goal of finding him, but Nami is more powerful than them, leaving a message that the war is just beginning.


Jaseri from Nigeria was raped by her father because her village believes it would make her heterosexual. She became pregnant as a result of the rape and gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was taken from Jaseri by her mother who took her granddaughter to a safe place. Jaseri searched and found her mother but it was too late as she stood over her mother’s bloody body; killed by her father. Seeking revenge, Jaseri waited for her father to come after her only to end his life. At that moment, a new life for her started as she discovered the truth about her mother’s past and the reason why she had some unique abilities that allowed her to control nature. She then accepted the responsibility of her abilities and decided to fight for gay people who have been targeted and killed in Africa. She uses her powers to free homosexuals and kills anyone who attacks them. She hopes to one day reunite with her daughter when the killing stops.


Eron is from Honduras, where the drug cartel and violence makes it one of the highest crime areas in the world. Eron’s mother died when he was young and his father always blamed his wife’s death on Eron. His father got involved with drugs and didn’t have money to pay his debts to the drug cartel, so he decided to pay off his debt by giving them his son. Eron became the property of the drug cartel leader, who abused him sexually for many years. One day the drug cartel leader was talking to a doctor about how he transmitted HIV to Eron and that he wasn’t going to pay for the medicine to treat Eron’s HIV. He decided to let Eron die of AIDS. Eron, who was hiding and listening, got scared when he heard he was just going to die and decided to escape. He stole a headphone prototype that had been developed to connect to a human brain. He ran away with the prototype and the drug cartel leader became furious and went after Eron. He found him and ran him over while driving his SUV. It was raining and Eron was hit by the SUV while the headphones were connected to his brain. When he hit his head on the ground, it created electric waves and shocks inside Eron’s brain, activating a higher percentage of brain capability. He got up and attacked and killed the drug cartel leader.



Queen Izaar is full of secrets, including who he was, how he got here, and what he knows. He was once a very powerful drag queen, but things got out of control, leaving him powerless. His goal has always been to provide information to the right people he believes have good intentions to protect humankind. But times are changing and history is about to repeat itself. He must tell the truth and face the aftermath of such a revelation. With the other heroes, he must learn to live with the truth of different worlds and realities that are lost in a vicious circle of time.


Kian is a bisexual man from the bear community. He enjoys being an activist for the community and a happy person who never has experienced anything bad with his life. His father is a very influential person and has always ensured his son Kian would be safe and that he is a very important key to human evolution. Kian has the latest and stronger DNA in which is encrypted all the information about our civilization, as well as other civilizations unknown to us. But the happy years didn’t last long when the US started a mission to capture Kian with the goal of unlocking the DNA and using it to make stronger army personnel. Now Kian finds himself in the middle of a war zone that he had never been exposed to and must learn to adapt to the situation and to understand that he must use his abilities to be part of the future of humankind.

Our heroes have experienced pain, have lost everything, have lived alone and have become angry to the rest of the world. But they overcome their differences as they are meant to be one in a world that needs them. Powerful people are running the world to their advantage, and we face many threats that we can’t defeat on our own. The world must wake up and become one because today we are fighting for gay rights, women's rights, human rights… tomorrow the only fight left will be for the survival of our human race. When power falls in the right hands, a lot of good can happen. What are we waiting for?

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We are more than just a comic book company. We are a company fighting for gay rights in an artistic way. We are sharing our stories and showing our different phases of life while helping our community in many ways as possible.

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